ASIC circuits across various applications

A cross-fertilization of ideas to push the boundaries of miniaturization, power, differentiation, performance or IP protection.

Delivering innovative ASIC solutions requires a deep understanding of customer’s applications, challenges, business model, etc.

Whether your company is a global leader, a small and medium enterprise or a startup, we secure your competitive advantage with an ASIC solution made for and exclusively delivered to your company.

We support our customers in designing and supplying custom analog, mixed signal and digital IC’s across multiple applications.

Turnkey ASIC Design & Supply


Performance optimization, size reduction, lower power consumption, longevity and cost optimization. You can overcome all these challenges with a custom integrated chip designed by IC’Alps.

Turnkey ASIC Design & Supply


We design ASICs for Automotive applications that make vehicle safer, more efficient and more reliable

IoT market


Position your IoT product in a unique way with new functionalities, a custom form factor and package small size, high autonomy, or custom embedded security features.

Turnkey ASIC Design & Supply

Aeronautics, Space & Defence

A sovereign technology of custom integrated circuits to maintain the cost competitiveness of your products while meeting the high standards required for your applications.

Turnkey ASIC Design & Supply


Our custom ASICs enable real-time and remote data collection, processing and exchange, which makes them an ideal solution in today’s manufacturing and other industrial activities.

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