An ASIC makes it possible to integrate all the functionalities required to bring your next-generation IoT product to market.

Wearables, asset trackers, logistics, smart home devices, cameras, healthcare and monitoring devices, what do these intelligent sensors and connected devices have in common?

Turnkey ASIC Design & Supply

They all require small footprint, ultra-low power consumption, low-cost integrated electronic systems.

If you need to position your IoT product in a unique way with:

  • New functionalities
  • Custom form factor and package size
  • High autonomy
  • Custom embedded security features


Then an ASIC is a good solution.

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Our Low-power ASIC solutions

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Turnkey ASIC Design & Supply

Consolidate your competitive edge

At IC’Alps, we design fully custom analog and mixed-signal IoT ASIC solutions with in-house design flow.

To secure your competitive advantage, working with IC’Alps guarantees that:

  • We are designing custom functions for you
  • You are the exclusive owner of the resulting ASIC

Our expertise covers ASIC definition, design, testing and supply chain management. Everything you need for a successful IoT product.

Our expertise for IoT ASIC design & supply

Power efficiency

Our team is experienced in using state-of-art low power techniques such as: multi voltage domains, power gating, voltage and frequency scaling. clock gating, multi-VT, power recovery.

Embedded security

Our engineers have developed specific patented secure elements as cornerstones that can be integrated to any ASIC aiming at protecting data against alteration or disclosure (STRNG, STRPUF). We can also integrate security solutions from you or 3rd party IP providers.

Custom sensor interfaces

Data acquisition and processing are amongst the key functions of smart and connected IoT applications. At IC’Alps, we specialize in the domain of mixed-signal ASICs, particularly for sensor interfaces, where low-noise analog elements gathering real-time data from the physical world meet with digital functions for data processing.


Our skilled engineers can integrate a wide range of wireless connectivity solutions into your IoT ASIC design, selecting third-party IPs from partners.

On chip processor architectures

We integrate various processor cores (Arm, RISC-V) and related subsystems including digital and analog peripherals. IC’Alps has been appointed Arm Approved Design Partner.

Tailored supply chain

Being an independent company, we work with strategic partners and we can set up the supply chain that perfectly matches your ASIC project requirements, budget and schedule.

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IoT ASIC applications

Turnkey ASIC Design & Supply

Power management ASIC for wearables

Mems interfaces for smartphones

Audio processor for hearables products

OLED microdisplay driver

ASIC for AR glasses

Supervision of structures

IoT address various applications from low-end to high-end products with embedded data processing, Artificial Intelligence and security management.

Our turnkey ASIC designs are customer-exclusive and tailored for each unique use case but our experience and expertise cover a broad spectrum of applications in the IoT sector.

  • Power management ASIC for wearables

  • MEMS interfaces for smart clothes, smart shoes, smart bag

  • OLED microdisplay driver ASIC for AR glasses

  • Audio processor for hearables products

  • Supervision of structures

Case studies

µled driver flexible
μLED driver ASIC for displays

IC’Alps held full responsibility for the ASIC feasibility phase, the specification, the design, up to ASIC prototyping in 180 nm CMOS process. Full production expected to begin soon.

Turnkey ASIC Design & Supply
Ultra low power ASIC for IoT device

Physical implementation, sign-off for the targeted technology (22 nm), and supply chain management for prototyping and series production of a low-power IoT ASIC