Aeronautics, Space & Defence

A sovereign technology of custom integrated circuits for aeronautics, space and defence applications

Radiation exposure (single event, total dose,…), life duration, temperature variations, vibrations, or mechanical stress, the aeronautics, space and defence market put strong and specific operating requirements upon custom Integrated Circuits.

Turnkey ASIC Design & Supply

The challenge for our customers is to use standard semiconductor manufacturing technologies to maintain the cost competitiveness of their products while meeting the high standards required for their applications.

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Our team has years of experience in the design and supply of analog, digital or mixed-signal custom ASIC / SoC for this market segment, as well as managing the migration of obsolete FPGA to ASIC.
We help customers in the fields of aeronautics, space and defence achieve successful circuit implementations through innovations in IC design, also benefiting from our expertise:
  • EN 9100 certified company for first time functional silicon, full traceability from design to production
  • Serving sovereign specificities (France, Europe, OTAN), audits from state authorities
  • Secured infrastructure available, with dedicated workspace featuring isolated network and data management, as well as controlled accesses and video surveillance.
  • Rad-hard specialists for robust circuit designs
  • Patented solutions to secure your IC (unique unclonable identifier)
  • Turnkey supply of your silicon, with geographical restrictions if any
ISO 9100

Quality first

High reliability is key for aeronautics, space and defence applications.

IC’Alps is EN 9100 certified / AS 9100 / JISQ 9100 (information in the IAQG-OASIS database).

Through our qualified design flow, we have demonstrated our ability to establish, and continually improve internal operational processes to ensure supply of the highest quality Integrated Circuits, as well as the long-term reliability of our supply chain, and the traceability of every design project.

Our expertise for IoT ASIC design & supply

Tailored supply chain

In addition to the development of IC and validation of prototypes, we can provide full supply chain management of your IC products. Being an independent company, we have developed partnerships with leading semiconductor manufacturers to offer the optimum supply chain on such criteria as cost effectiveness, ITAR free supply, EU-located, and production capabilities.

Long-term supply

Aeronautics and military products may span more than 20 years, and obsolescence mitigation can result in time consuming and costly headaches to our customers. This makes ASIC an essential solution over COTS to secure the long-term supply and quality at predictable costs.

Secured ASIC

With the increasing threat of cyber-attacks, one major challenge is to ensure products are efficiently protected to operate with no compromise on data security and user’s safety. We can provide appropriate solutions to secure your IC by integrating advanced features such as: • New generation of Self-Timed Ring based True Number Random Generator (STRNG) enabling high quality random numbers at very high bite rate and with very good power efficiency. • Innovative and patented Self-Timed Ring based Physical Unclonable Function (STRPUF) for a secured storage of cryptographic secrets and unique IC authentication with a response latency reducing attack window and process sensitivity. We can also integrate security IP from 3rd parties.

RadHard design

Radiation immunity is a primary concern for space applications to guarantee reliability and operational lifetime of their embedded electronics. Leveraging the individual experience of our team members in nuclear or space domains, we have the knowhow to design TID/SEL/SET/SEU robust ASIC solutions by implementing design hardening with limited impact on performances on standard technology.

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Aeronautics, space & defence ASIC applications

Turnkey ASIC Design & Supply

High resolution RadHard imager

Multi channels ADC & digital filtering

communication for control and command systems

in aircrafts

Low-noise X-ray detector

Our turnkey ASIC designs are customer-exclusive and tailored for each unique use case but our experience and expertise cover a broad spectrum of applications in the aeronautics, space & defence sector.

  • Low-noise X-ray detector

  • High resolution RadHard Imager

  • Multi channels ADC & digital filtering communication for control and command systems in aircrafts

  • Multichannel RX & TX with data processing for space telecommunication (internet by satellite)

  • Dataconverter for rover communication

  • Multichannel ADC for missile guidance

  • Dataconverter for earth observation (earthquake, tsunami, pollution)

Case studies

Turnkey ASIC Design & Supply
Command control

FPGA-to-ASIC conversion to address obsolescence problems of communication adapters, and command/control functions used in aircrafts.

Turnkey ASIC Design & Supply
RadHard and High-Rel ASIC solutions by design

The expertise of our team spans data conversion, imaging solution, RadHard standard cells and IO libraries design and qualification.