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Test methodology, packaging strategy and many more factors have a strong impact on your product’s performance and cost in volume production.

When your engineering team has finished the design, layout and simulation work, our practical experience helps you avoid the pitfalls and ramp up quickly toward your production.

CIR accreditation to enable the eligibility of the R&D operations carried out by IC’Alps.

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IC’Alps is the trusted partner to safely ramp-up the production of your ASIC

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What IC'Alps can do for you during industrialization

Our team works in close collaboration with you to add the mandatory features for the industrial version of your product. Whether you have low or high volumes, specific export constraints or severe qualification requirements, we have a set of trustable partners to establish an industrialization plan that fits with your individual requirements.

This industrialization plan covers the different operations to be handled like assembly, back-grinding, test, qualification, up to the first article inspection and the effective production. We coordinate all the partners of the supply chain to offer visibility and predictability about the production process flow and to ensure your full satisfaction.

  • Design for Cost (DfC) strategy for reducing overall ASIC cost
  • Quality management following ISO 9001, ISO13485 or EN 9100 standards
  • Selection of supply chain partners
  • Continuous audits for continuous improvement process
  • Logistic and insurance management
  • Design for test (DfT)
  • Design for Manufacturing (DfM)
  • Pre-series wafers procurement
  • Post silicon fabrication operation (back-grinding, bumping, dicing…)
  • Packaging strategy (QFN/BGA, WLCSP, …)
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  • Electrical characterization of circuit performance
  • Industrial test solution setup
  • Standard ESD/LU qualification
  • Burn-in and specific temperature qualification
  • Specific requirements (e.g. radiation test, mechanical / vibration stress, etc.)
  • Production ramp-up
  • Yield management
  • Management of returns and failures and 6 sigma analysis in case of defect
  • Production scoring for cost optimization
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