Sensor interfacing

Connecting the real world to the digital one

Sensors are the bridges connecting the real world to the digital one.

Each of these sensors is designed to be specifically adapted to its use case and to the measurement it has to perform.

To convert sensor signals into a usable information for the system, a dedicated integrated electronic is required.

IC’Alps is a specialist in designing custom integrated electronic that perfectly fits with your integrated sensor so that your system can benefit from optimal performance.

Case studies

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Your custom ASIC for sensing applications

With our wide experience of analog and mixed-signal ASIC development, IC’Alps can design the ASIC to sense and process signals for any kind of sensors.

Each acquisition chain has its specificity and thanks to custom integrated circuit design we are able to reach all our customer objectives (performance, purpose, size & cost).

For example, in medical applications, sensors can be used to monitor human vital signs, in industry to monitor the quality of the production, in cars to sense the engine/battery performance …

  • Inductor current sensing: high efficiency DCDC convertors
  • Haptic actuator driver: high voltage, maximal integration
  • Ultrasound transducer: low noise signal acquisition, high bandwidth, high voltage pulse generation
  • Implantable pressure sensor: ISO13485:2016 design, low power and high accuracy
  • ECG monitoring system: ISO13485:2016 design, high accuracy, data processing
  • Magnetic sensing interface: high bandwidth, high resolution, specific form factor
  • Voltage monitoring for system supervision in safety applications (ADAS)

Your ideas of applications using sensors are limitless, our ASIC designs too

Our services

We work collaboratively with you to deliver a custom integrated circuit with competitive specifications and unique sensing capabilities.

Turnkey ASIC Design & Supply

Turnkey ASIC Design & Supply

Everything you need for a successful ASIC project from system concept to the delivery of packaged custom integrated chips.

Turnkey ASIC Design & Supply

Custom IC Design Services

Experienced with integrated electronics but need some support with your design?
The a-la-carte model is made for you.

ASIC industrialization

ASIC Industrialization

Already developed your ASIC prototype?
We support you turning it into an industrial circuit and ramp up its production.