Partnerships & Memberships

At IC’ALPS, partnerships are very important to us.

Fostering relationships with suppliers, manufacturers, design partners etc., ensures that we can provide you with the most consistent and qualitative service.

With the best partners in the business by our side, we are able to manage the supply chain and control every aspect of your custom ASIC, from design to production and on-time delivery.

Design Partner Programs

We are proud to be Arm approved Design Partner and Imec IC-link partner. These accreditations assure that we provide expert support and that we have the design expertise to create highly innovative ASIC designs.

Turnkey ASIC Design & Supply
Turnkey ASIC Design & Supply

IP & EDA partners

Our partnerships in the areas of EDA tools and IP enable us to offer the optimum end-to-end ASIC solution for each customer.

Supply chain partners

We have formed key local and international partnerships with industry leaders to provide our customer with highly innovative ASIC designs drawing on the best technology the industry has to offer in the areas of IP, EDA tools, test and qualification tools, packaging and semiconductor manufacturing.

Research partners

Our continuous investment in research activities is the cornerstone of our success to gain cutting-edge knowledge and to deliver highly innovative ASIC solutions. We work together and exchange with key research partners in the field of nano-electronics.

Industry organizations

We are active within many local and international industry organizations for a better understanding of key industry trends, to facilitate access to nanotechnologies to the greatest possible number of end-customers, but also to contribute to the development of innovative ASIC solutions across many sectors.

Public authorities

French public authorities support us in our mission to innovate in solutions that fill in the gaps between the sensors/MEMS everywhere and the digital transformation with artificial intelligence in more & more applications.

Turnkey ASIC Design & Supply
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