Turnkey ASIC Design & Supply

Everything you need for a successful ASIC project from system concept to the delivery of fully tested custom integrated chips

When discrete components or standard ASSP or FPGA products are not a good economic or technical choice for your project, then it is time to go for custom ASIC.

An ASIC – Application Specific Integrated Circuit – is an integrated circuit specifically tailored to your application.

By embedding your electronic subsystem into an ASIC, you will boost performance and save board space while protecting your intellectual property by making reverse engineering almost impractical.

Today, even companies with small to medium volumes can leverage the benefits of custom ASICs to add differentiated features to their products.

ASIC Industrialization

Already developed your ASIC prototype?
We support you turning it into an industrial circuit and ramp up its production.

Custom IC Design Services

Experienced with integrated electronics but need some support with your design?
The a-la-carte model is made for you.

Why should you consider a turnkey ASIC design


Reduced BoM
Smaller PCB
Reduced product weight & size

Quality certification

First-time right project execution
Traceability of projects
On-time delivery
Reliability of the supply chain


Less active external components
Better power management control
Lower power consumption


Full system integration
Intellectual property & know-how protected


New functionalities
Optimization of performances
Specific regulatory compliance


Dedicated supply chain Full chip ownership Complete independence in techologies choice

Is a custom ASIC the right solution for your projects ?

ASIC process flow

With IC’Alps as partner, you are starting in the right place. We have an in-house pool of experts for system architecture, design, physical implementation, project management, and supply management.

For each ASIC project, we set up the team of specialists to develop jointly your exclusive, on target and cost effective custom Integrated Circuit. What you just have to do is to focus on your expertise and applications!

Our ASIC process flow consists of 5 phases

As a prime contractor, we can complement your team or provide end-to-end ASIC solutions from your concept, specifying the architecture for your ASIC, through circuit design, silicon, production and ASIC supply across diverse applications.

Are you considering using an ASIC for your application but don’t know how to start?

During this first stage in the design process, we understand your application and system constraints to create in close cooperation with you a turnkey and preliminary ASIC architecture that complies with your technical, economical and time related requirements.

How does it work? We dedicate a team for your project, to provide you within a 1 to 3 months timeframe, a la carte report:

  • Project timescale and key milestones
    ASIC architecture proposal and reachable performances
  • Estimate of silicon area and power consumption
  • Risks and opportunities assessment
  • List of project deliverables
    Suggested supply chain
  • ASIC development costs up to industrialization and forecasted ASIC cost in production


Considering using a custom integrated circuit for your application but don’t know how to start?

Translating your custom needs into an exclusive ASIC layout

The ASIC design step includes:

  • Final ASIC architecture
  • Block-level analog and mixed signal design, IP Integration, verification, physical implementation
  • Top-level design, layout and verification
  • Full Process Voltage Temperature simulations
  • Design for testability
  • Functional and electrical verification
  • Industrial test pattern generation

Our projects generally combine in-house analog and digital blocks and some third party IPs Standard cells & IO, interfaces, power management, PLL/DLL, ADC/DAC, memory, MCU…to ensure

  • Better time to market
  • Lower cost compared to full in-house design
  • Reduced risk

To guarantee first-time-right ASIC solutions, our high-quality design and supply processes are built around ISO 9001 Quality Management System. Beyond our standard design workflow, we can apply specific guidelines and requirements to design and supply ISO 13485 compliant ASICs for medical devices or EN 9100 compliant ASICs for aeronautics, space and defence applications.

Layout Demo chip for embedded NVM

Full support beyond GDSII to characterize state of art ASICs at our measurement lab facility and validate the specification

At this stage, we focus on ASIC prototype manufacturing:

  • Mask fabrication
  • Wafer processing
  • Package assembly
  • Test board design
  • Functional and electrical testing of prototypes
  • Characterization over process voltage and temperature
  • Correlation between silicon measurements and simulation results


Turnkey ASIC Design & Supply

We make your prototype ready for volume manufacturing

The industrialization phase includes:

    • Final mask set
    • Industrial test solution development
    • ASIC qualification
    • Manufacturability assessment
    • Pre-series delivery


chara wafer v2

We set up and manage the complete supply chain for your ASIC

As your prime contractor we organize your whole production flow from silicon manufacture through to test and life cycle management. Our independence and experience ensure that we can identify and select the best supply chain partners to fit with your performance, cost and timescale requirements.

With a privileged access to world-class foundries and technologies, we can offer affordable prices for ASICs manufacturing even for small batches through MPW (Multi Project Wafer) service where ASICs from different customers are combined for production.

Jean-Luc-Triouleyre IC'Alps
"Acting as one-stop shop solutions provider, we can take full responsibility for the design, industrialization and silicon manufacturing processes of your custom and exclusive ASIC."
Jean-Luc Triouleyre
CEO and cofounder of IC'Alps

CIR accreditation to enable the elibigility of the R&D operations carried out by IC’Alps

Our markets

Custom Integrated Circuits are at the heart of innovations in Healthcare, Industrial applications, IoT, Automotive and Aeronautics, Space & Defence. These are just a few of the growing number of applications for ASICs.

Vital signs monitoring
Ultrasound imaging

Motion sensing
Quality monitoring
Gaz sensing
Ultrasound monitoring


Home automation
Smart city
Environment sensing
Connected objects

Electric Vehicle
Autonomous vehicles


Our partners

Partnering with industry leaders

We have established partnerships with key industry providers to get access to the best EDA tools, IP, technology, manufacturing asset and packaging process available on the market.

Our partnerships in these areas enable us to offer the optimum end-to-end ASIC solution for each customer.

With our Turnkey ASIC design and supply service, we provide our customers with the most efficient path from concept exploration through to small and medium volume ASIC supply.