High voltage ASIC for emergency lighting units


Self-contained emergency lighting units.

Customer request

The main objective was the reduction of the Bill-of-Material: savings multiplied by the number of emergency units represents a significant amount of money.

The ASIC was the solution to reduce the number of components on the electronic board, thanks to the integration of all desired functions into an all-in-one ASIC.

The challenge was to have the circuit directly supplied with 230 V, as well as the management of few specificities linked with the application (behavior during electrical blackout, etc.).


Our approach

We started with a feasibility study to identify the appropriate manufacturing technology, proposing couple of circuit architectures and corresponding ASIC specifications … providing a complete technical-economic report allowing the customer to take the most appropriate decision.

After customer acceptance, we performed ASIC design, managed partners for fabrication, made measurements in our lab on the first prototypes, managed industrialization phase, up to the launch of production (delivering fully tested ready-to-use devices, managing the yield and indicators, etc.).

ASIC features

Mixed-signal ASIC with a large analog par

Designed with Cadence Virtuoso tools

High voltage power supply

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