RadHard and High-Rel ASIC solutions by design


RadHard and High-Rel ASIC solutions

Our background

Many engineers in our team have more than 10 years of experience with RadHard and High-Rel ASIC solutions embedded in satellites and instruments for scientific missions (Loft), or observations from Earth (Rosetta).



Our team’s expertise for RadHard and High-Rel ASICs spans over:

  • Data conversion
    • 12-bit DAC up to several Gsps
    • Data converter in BiCMOS technologies supporting 150 kRad & 80 MeV
    • Very low power ADC converters for particles MEMS on satellite wings
  • Imaging solution (some embedded on rover)
  • RadHard standard cells and IO libraries design and qualification

One of our PhD worked at the CERN on the particles accelerator. He was deeply involved in the design and test of data converter and voltage references that sustain up to 1 Grad (on commercial 65 nm and 0.13 mm CMOS technologies).

Moreover, our design team has a proven expertise with SOI/FDSOI technologies enabling a better immunity against radiation effects (single events SEL/SET/SEU).

IC’Alps is your source for RadHard and High-Rel electronics

IC’Alps is registered with the European Space Agency (ESA) as a Design Center.

We are regularly receiving requests on memories, analog blocks as well as complete circuit designs.

We can also provide full supply chain for ASIC devices.

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