Make your product stand out with an ASIC

When discrete components or standard ASSP products are not a good economic or technical choice for your project, then it is time to go for custom ASIC.

What is an ASIC

Reasons to use an ASIC

An integrated circuit is a tiny silicon chip upon which an electronic circuit is manufactured. Many companies offer general purpose ICs to be combined and used as components on a printed circuit board that becomes part of their final product.

When your specific requirements are hard to address with standard components, then it is time to go for a custom solution.

An ASIC – Application Specific Integrated Circuit – is an integrated circuit designed specifically for one customer, to provide a specific function required for the customer’s application.

For example, an healthcare company may need an ASIC to interface with its proprietary ECG sensor in order to enable continuous patient monitoring for years.

The barriers to entry for custom ASIC development have greatly reduced in the past few years and today, even companies with small to medium volumes can leverage the benefits of custom ASICs to add differentiated features to their products.

Reasons to use an ASIC

Reasons to use an ASIC


Reduced BoM
Smaller PCB
Reduced product weight & size


Less active external components
Better power management control
Lower power consumption


New functionalities
Optimization of performances
Specific regulatory compliance


Full system integration
Intellectual property & know-how hiding

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