IC’Alps supports its growth by reinforcing its staff and its Sales Rep network

To sustain its growth objective, IC'Alps leverages two assets: the expansion of its sales force and the strenghtening of its team.

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IC’Alps has announced a strategic collaboration with KAL for the commercialization of their ASIC services on the Israeli marketplace.

Besides, IC’Alps head office is actively recruiting.


KAL provides Semiconductor services since 2003 in Israel for Fablesses, Chip Makers, Foundries, Design Houses, and EDA vendors.

The company joins the growing list of IC’Alps Sales Representatives including Redtree Solutions Ltd and Running Springs Technology.

Each of these companies has the expertise to carry out a premium sales experience with customers in a variety of European, Asian, and North American markets including IoT, Industrial, MedTech, and Automotive which match IC’Alps’ areas of strength.

Having local Sales Representatives sharing the same culture, language and time zone helps ensure that the customers’ requirements are well understood and that the sales process runs efficiently.

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To sustain the pace of new projects brought in by its sales force, IC’Alps has recently hired experimented engineers in the field of physical implementation and analog design.

And IC’Alps is still looking for new talents to continue its fast-growing ambition. The team is very active on design areas such as on demand analog blocks, sensor/MEMS interfacing, hardware accelerators and (multi)processors systems based on ARM or RISC-V cores, always with a low power approach.



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“With an unprecedented period of expansion of the semiconductor industry in the decade ahead, another big focus for IC’Alps this year is to remain competitive in the talent market through strong corporate culture, attractive work environment, and employee benefits package”.

Jean-Luc Triouleyre, CEO, IC’Alps



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