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SEMICON Europa will be starting shortly.

From 16 to 19 November 2021 business and technology leaders, researchers, and industry analysts from across the microelectronics supply chain will present their services and products, exchange ideas and promote the role of innovative semiconductor manufacturing processes, materials and technologies in enabling life-changing applications for current and future generations.

Besides you can look forward to top speakers at the Executive Forum, first-class Conference programs and exciting sessions at the TechARENA, around the topics Smart Manufacturing, Smart MedTech, Smart Mobility, AI, or Robotics.

Being an active member of the semiconductor value chain, IC’Alps will be part of this event with a presentation at the SMART MedTech Session “Application-Specific Integrated Circuits Pave the Way to New Innovative Electro-Therapies for Cardiology and Neurology“.

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SMART MedTech Session

The SMART MedTech Session will bring together key stakeholders from along the semiconductor value chain and healthcare sector to address current challenges and opportunities in bringing the power of chip technology to healthcare.

Led by the European MedTech Advisory Council, it will explore the influence of semiconductor technologies in driving healthtech innovations with a deep dive in:

✅ Digitalisation in the value chain and drivers from semiconductor to device to digital transformation for end users

✅ AI enabled solutions paving a new way of healthcare

On Wednesday, 17 November 2021 at 02:55 PM, Elsa BERNARD-MOULIN will present in the SMART MedTech.

Application-Specific Integrated Circuits Pave the Way to New Innovative Electro-Therapies for Cardiology and Neurology

…When drug based therapies of cardiovascular diseases are not sufficient or do not have enough care efficiency, one growing curative approach of patients is to use dedicated Active Implantable Medical Devices (AIMD) leveraging Application-Specific Integrated Circuits – so called ASICs –. Trends to watch in ASIC-powered medical devices include energy harvesting and battery management for long-term care, less invasive technologies for patient comfort, machine learning for predictive analytics and personalized treatment, simultaneous and continuous monitoring of biosignals for simpler and accurate diagnostics, and cybersecurity for patient safety. As these novel approaches enter the market, we are seeing HealthTech startups tackling heart failure with innovative products such as leadless pacemakers, cardiac contractility modulation devices or cardiac micro-current devices, etc.

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