What do we do

Interfacing your smart connected world

So what do we do?

Put simply we are the architect, the designer and the supplier of custom integrated electronic circuits embedded into our customers’ products for data collection, processing and data communication.

about IC'Alps

Our role in the electronics supply chain

With 26 times more connected things than people (Gartner) and the emergence of artificial intelligence, we are now in an era of connected intelligence. In our connected world, almost all products use electronic functions, pushing innovations and creating new demands in the electronics supply chain.

Indeed, only smart electronics enables:

  • Integration of custom features
  • Energy savings
  • Safe and secure personal data processing
  • Miniaturization of electronic functions

Here are the challenges we aim at contributing to.

The electronics supply chain includes:

  • Raw materials needed to make electronic components: silicon, metals, plastic, ceramics, chemicals…
  • Semiconductors components aimed to be connected to create an electronic subsystem: semiconductor wafers, Integrated Circuits, active discrete components, PCB, passives…
  • Subassemblies: printed circuit board assembly, display…
  • Final products for a variety of industries and sectors: consumer electronics, communications, computers, medical devices, automotive, industrial equipment, aerospace & defence…
about IC'Alps

Located far upstream of the final electronic product market, semiconductors components, including custom Integrated Circuits (ASIC/SoC), are nonetheless widely recognized as a major driver for economic growth providing the indispensable technology for collecting, processing, storing and communicating information. Semiconductor components also offer effective ways to address the societal challenges of the 21st century, opening the door to machine learning, personalized healthcare, energy management, autonomous transportation, to name just a few applications.

Key semiconductors component, the custom Integrated Circuit is fundamental to address the demands for providing miniaturization, new functionalities, better performance, increased energy efficiency and improved safety and security of electronic subsystems.

At IC’Alps, we have the capacity to deliver first-time-right solutions from design, through industrialization to silicon manufacturing of ready-to-use custom Integrated Circuits. What’s more? In meeting the technical and societal challenges of our smart connected world, we are helping to accelerate the digital transformation.

From your idea to a differentiated chip exclusive and custom-made for you, discover an ASIC journey inside IC’Alps

about IC'Alps

1. Everything starts with our Sales and Marketing Team.
The Business Developers are responsible for promoting IC’Alps and identifying new potential customers that could benefits from ASIC integration in their products. During all pre-sales interactions with potential customers, our Business Developers are in first line. They work closely with our technology experts to help customers translate their ideas, needs and wants into a custom integrated circuit solving their problem. To support the sales team, our marketing department bears responsibility for raising brand awareness, generating qualified leads, planning advertising strategies, writing case studies and ensuring service differentiation from competitors.

ASIC production is composed of the following phases: ASIC design, ASIC layout, mask fabrication, wafer fabrication, wafer probing, package assembly, final testing, and shipping.

about IC'Alps

2. Once a customer comes on board, we set up a team of experts for ASIC implementation coordinated by a project manager. Our project manager is also the “voice of the customer” inside the company. Our ASIC architects will start by defining the drawings of the ASIC circuitry that might answer the customer needs. Then our logic and analog designers will design and verify the ASIC using specific Design Automation softwares to translate the drawings into transistors schematics and assemblies that fulfill the desired functions.

about IC'Alps

3. When it comes to ASIC prototyping and manufacturing, we call on our team dedicated to supply chain management. This team collaborates closely with key partners such as wafer manufacturers, packaging companies and test houses to achieve the best trade-off between time-to-market, production costs, and quality.

about IC'Alps

4. Outside these functions, we could not operate and grow without supporting functions such as HR, IT, Quality and Finance.

Each step of ASIC production is an independent, standalone task, accomplished by experts in that particular field. Whether you are looking for a one-stop shop ASIC solutions provider, taking full responsibility for all steps or design services to complement your team’s skills and development capabilities, IC’Alps is the partner you need.

Convinced by the ASIC advantages ?

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