Nanopower unipolar ECG/EGM acquisition chain

Nanopower solution for implantable medical devices

Nanopower unipolar ECG/EGM acquisition chain

This bloc is a part of uVisia, our biomedical platform providing a set of bio-sensor readouts power and clock management units, communication interfaces, processing functions ready for safer and faster integration

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Analog Front-End (AFE) readout circuit

Nanopower EGM acquisition chain

This nanopower ECG amplifier is custom-made for implantable applications where battery volume constraints are very stringent.

The EGM read-out consumption is around 50nW, including the ADC.

The ASIC also embeds custom power management, and its base consumption with EGM turned ON is 800nW.

The custom power management enables to plug the ASIC directly to a Li-Ion battery.

On Silicon

  • Implantable Pacemaker
  • AIMD

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