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Among our customers are global leaders, small and medium enterprises as well as startups.

We support them in designing and supplying custom analog, mixed signal and digital IC’s across multiple applications, pushing the boundaries of miniaturization, power, differentiation, performance or IP protection.

What our customers do have in common though is a need for business privacy. We respect this and are committed to providing the utmost confidentiality for their ASIC projects. This is why we can only share a small sample of what we have done here.

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μLED driver ASIC for displays

IC’Alps held full responsibility for the ASIC feasibility phase, the specification, the design, up to ASIC prototyping in 180 nm CMOS process. Full production expected to begin soon.

Low-power Neural Processing Unit (NPU)

We presented the technical, economic, and time related elements which was valuable for the customer to assess the viability of this FPGA to ASIC conversion project


Embedding FPGA technology into ASICs allows engineers to combine the cost/power/performance benefits of an ASIC with the flexibility offered by FPGAs to make changes to their design.

High Voltage ASIC for emergency lighting units

The ASIC was the solution to reduce the number of components on the electronic board, thanks to the integration of all desired functions into an all-in-one ASIC.

Low-power ASIC for IoT device

Physical implementation, sign-off for the targeted technology (22 nm), and supply chain management for prototyping and series production of a low-power IoT ASIC

Vital signs acquisition ASIC

Low-power implantable ASIC, part of an innovative digital stethoscope, including bio-impedance and ECG measurement read-outs for proactive management of heart failure.

Command control ASIC

FPGA-to-ASIC conversion to address obsolescence problems of communication adapters, and command/control functions used in aircrafts.

RadHard and High-Rel ASIC solutions by design

The expertise of our team spans data conversion, imaging solution, RadHard standard cells and IO libraries design and qualification.

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