Vital Signs Acquisition ASIC platform (BELICIM)

The low-power implantable ASIC includes bio-impedance and ECG measurement read-outs for proactive management of heart failure.


This ASIC is part of an innovative digital stethoscope implanted in the digestive tract of a patient by endoscopy.  

The goal is to provide a tele-monitoring solution to track physical and cardio-respiratory vital signs of a patient and prevent acute cardiac decompensations, thus reducing re-hospitalizations for relapsing heart failure.

Vital signs acquisition pacemaker

Customer main requirements

  • Continuous patient monitoring of ECG on miniaturize battery years long lifespan
  • Embedded computing resources for real time biomarker measurement
  • Event-based physiological data acquisition, storage and transfer
  • On-demand transfer to telemedicine server

ASIC features

  • ISO 13485 compliant
  • Analog Front End for continuous ECG and Bio-Z monitoring
  • Accelerometer and gyroscope to detect patient activity
  • Secure elements (AES/TRNG)
  • Temperature sensor interfaces
  • Ultra-low power MCU for data processing

Design Flow

  • Analysis of customer physiological data and development of optimized analog and digital electronics
  • Helping the customer to find the optimum combination of hardware processing, embedded software and data transfer
  • Development of an ultra-low power CPU solution

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