HomeLibrary of IP componentsAnalog Front-End interface IC for ECG and EGM measurement
IP Category: Analog Front-End (AFE) readout circuit
IP Function: EGM/ECG measurement

This IP is a high precision, ultra-low power biopotential analog front-end (AFE) readout circuit designed for wearable and implantable medical devices.

It provides clinical-grade electrocardiogram (ECG) waveforms and QRS detection (optional), with nanopower consumption for longer battery life, also crucial to ensure continuous monitoring (150 nW at 4 kHz).

The single biopotential channel is AC coupled and has optional AC leads-on detection during shutdown mode (< 2 nW).

The AFE readout circuit also features high input impedance, high CMRR, and input noise < 2 μVrms over standard ECG bandwidth.

This AFE readout circuit is designed as a BOM-free and compact component to enable less obtrusive cardiac monitoring devices.

Users can select the input signal dynamic and the frequency cut-off to suit different types of applications.

The AFE readout circuit can be combined with analog and digital support functions to create a complete cardiac monitoring system.

Process node: 55 nm uLP
It can also be re-targeted to other process nodes for any analog design where power and space are at a premium
Foundry: TSMC
Status: On silicon

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